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Top Free Movie Websites To Download HD Movies

Searching for new videos on the Internet is a mundane task for everyone these days. Movie Fans alert! We have got some exclusive sites for you that will make you awestruck! When we talk of an ocean, it is endless; there is an infinite amount of water that never ends. Likewise, the internet has unlimited content and knowledge in the form of websites that can be accessed worldwide.

However, here comes a good question- Are all those movie sites worth to visit? If you want to take the real value of them, then you have to look something special in them.

Don’t worry! We will be evaluating sites on the very obvious but crucial factors like:

    • Movie availability.
    • Download speed.
    • User interface.
    • What is the unique thing?
    • Playing the safe game (Am I on the legal track).

You never know when things go wrong. So, we have accumulated the list of free movie sites that will work for you. Now take a look and be amazed to add. some extra light to your web knowledge.

5 Place To Download And Watch Movies For Free


fmovies website

Talking about the unique thing first, I must tell you that this movie site is very versatile. Anime being my favourite thing, I always look for it. This site not only sponsors free movies but excellent TV series and good Animes to. Trust me, when you visit this site, this site has ultimate tendency to make say- Oh wow! Why didn’t I check in here before?

Coming to the user interface, I did a 2-day test for this site, I visited this site three times in a day and for two days and the experience was worth even on the mobile screen and it was worth my time. The site runs smoother and faster.

I observed that this not only categorizes movies based on genre, country but also put recommendations segregated on most favourite, the latest and recommended. Even the download process works much better than expected.



You can watch movies and anime online without downloading, in high definition quality at Xmovies8. This site is probably the best regarding the availability of genuine movie streaming links that save a tonne of time. The site is designed to even to crosscheck your browser well in time before you access the site so that the user interface can be adjusted according to the browser. is the best movie site where you can watch movies online completely free. No download, no polls, and just instant streaming movies. The latest videos in the highest quality for you. Enjoy your favourite movies with for free.



This site allows you to both stream and download Full HD movies for free. The site has managed to put almost every American movie on its site with working links. You will have easy and fast access to the content that you will not get even with a lot of research and spending time in vain. I enjoyed watching Inferno2016 in HD quality and fast streaming. The user interface was quite eye catchy, and the site ran butter smooth.

QUICK TIP: – You can use IDM to download movies and Torch browser to stream them. You can even stream the downloadable content in almost every format.

4. PublicTorrents

Public torrent

Who loves piracy! However, the pirated versions are not legal to watch, and there is a quality restriction. These days the anti-piracy measures are so stringent that you can land up in jail if caught. Torrents have been linked with the word piracy, but sometimes the reality is far from what it is visualised. Torrents are just PTP information transfer protocols that can help you download files at blazing fast speeds.

However, when it came into the hands of the wrong people, then it became easy for millions of users to access lots of pirated content with lots of viruses.

So, who believe that torrent is the world of piracy then stop there. Public torrent is something which is entirely legal, and it has a collection of top movies that made history and are worth your time to watch makes this site unique than others. The user interface is maintained to be an old type but I elegant to watch.



This site is very different from others, the quality and timely delivery of every latest movie make it a gem. More than this, the site is loaded with lots of new movies that are completely free to download. It is one of the best movie download sites that works. The user interface is lucid and robust.

It will not take more than a second for you to search and download the latest movie that you want to download. It is simple to understand and operate. Page scrolls smoothly without any glitches. You can always load movies whenever required.

Wrapping It Up

I hope that these free movie websites will make you happy. Feel free to visit them and choose the best for you. Some developers long for the penchant for quality, to set specific standards and continuously bettering them is what enables them to craft excellent websites that are designed to meet user expectations.

EVEN THE regular attention towards the minutest details pays off and reflects in how these sites work. The employment of modern technology ensures world-class digital experience. It is now your turn to use these movie sites that are built to surprise you. Please write down in comments your experience with these web locations.