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10 Legal Anime Streaming Websites For Anime 2019

Are you an Anime lover? Well if you are then the article will prove much of your help as it talks about of the legitimate Anime streaming websites available for users.  Well for those who do not know what Anime is, let us tell you what Anime is in brief. Anime has been derived from the word, Animation. The Japanese gave the name Anime to their animation series which are quite entertaining. People all over the world are a fan of Japanese Animes due to its theme and stunning visuals.

With the increase in technology, convenience and comfortability is taken care of. If you want to enjoy Animes from around the world, you can watch sitting at your home, relaxing with a tub of popcorn and sipping your favorite beverage. Although said, there are several of websites providing free Anime download but the reliability cannot be known. So here we bring to you 5 of the best legal Anime streaming and downloading websites where you can watch Anime for free.

Websites To Subbed & Dubbed Watch Anime Online

1. Viewster

With user-friendly interface and a good collection of media content, Viewster is highly preferred when Anime is concerned. In fact, there are several Anime series, which are originally seen on Viewster only. With wide Anime collection, TV shows, and cartoons, you can easily stream and even download one of your choices, absolutely free.

The anime website does have regular updates with its Anime Content and the latest episodes are available to watch on Viewster. Yes, they do not charge a penny which makes it even more suitable. Viewster is available in Europe as well which proves to be of great advantage for them.

2. Animelab

Providing great content for Anime Lovers, AnimeLab is again a legal anime website which let you access all classic and latest Anime series. The anime series are updated frequently, which makes the media content more preferable. The high-quality Anime series can be streamed online with low data consumption and can be even downloaded with a click.

In terms of user Interface, the website is quite good and the categories are listed accordingly so as to make it easy for users to view them. The only drawback is that the website is available for the residents of Australia and New Zealand only.

3. Yahoo View

The Global Anime Streaming Website, Yahoo View is a partnership of Yahoo with another streaming site HULU to provide thousands of good media content including Anime.  The best part is all of the Anime series on Yahoo View is available for free to watch. Being present Globally, the customer base is quite good on Yahoo View and Anime series from around the world can be viewed on it.

All the latest episodes of the Anime series will be available for you to watch on Yahoo View but you can only view the restricted content of HULU on it. Most of them have either Subtitle or are even dubbed in English.

4. Internet Archive (Cartoons)

Be it Anime Series, cartoons or Manga, Internet Archive is the platform you must login for viewing. Available for free, there are subtitles on all the Anime Cartoons making it easy to understand and enjoy them.  With good interface and easy navigation, the website is not a disappointment to its users. A totally legal place to view and download Animes, Internet Archive has been used since long and is still preferable among users.

5. Crunchyroll

Anime List on Crunchyroll

Accessible in the majority of the countries, Crunchyroll is another legal anime streaming site. It boasts of Systematic and well collection of The Manga, Anime series and shows for the anime fans. The website is said to be having the largest collection of Anime series as compared to other websites all for free. You can find some of the anime series dubbed in English but most of them have English Subtitles to it.

Yes for high-quality videos you have to be a paid member of the Crunchyroll which let you view the videos without any ads. In fact, the premium user can get access to latest episodes of Simulcast within an hour of it getting telecasted in Japan. For the same, you can have a 14 day free trial of being a premium member and can then pay only $6.95 every month to keep enjoying the services.

6. Daisuki

Daisuki is a unique project created by the joint effort of several anime studios as well as huge Japanese companies like Dentsu. This platform offers you subtitles in 10 different languages which is a huge positive for those anime lovers who feel comfortable reading subtitles in languages other than Japanese. This platform links to your

This platform links to your MyAnimeList so that you aren’t required to open separate windows again and again. Even though it is available all over the world but it doesn’t have as big a library as Crunchyroll or Funimation.

7. Viki

Viki is a platform that has a really interesting concept. It works off the crowdsourced subtitles. The users can catch any anime series and view subtitles in their own languages as they watch. The subtitles are 100% accurate most of the time but even if they are not, they are guaranteed to be fast and of good quality. The subtitles are available in more than 100 languages and it is up to the user to choose them. Unfortunately, this service is only available for UK citizens but you can still view this website using a proxy.

8. Netflix

Netflix is easily the biggest movie streaming platform which dominates the largest chunk of legal streaming market. Earlier Anime was not broadcasted on Netflix but due to recent changes and the wide popularity and demand of Anime, Netflix had to make Anime available for streaming.

Netflix is a paid service and the package varies from $7.99 to $11.99 but once you subscribe to any package, you will get abundance of content including Anime to choose from. Netflix is available all over the world except few countries.

9. Funimation

This gigantic Anime licensing powerhouse has been streaming Anime online since 2009 and ever since it started, it has been a top platform for watching Anime legally. Funimation has become such a huge success that it streams licensed shows both on their own website as well as Hulu.

You can also access it via PS3/PS4. Funimation has a reputation of releasing some of the best and most enjoyable English dubbed episodes that are viewable online. Funimation is available for only North America but it is also planning to extend its services to the UK.

10. The Anime Network

The Anime Network is a platform where you get a huge library of anime to choose from and watch legally. It is available online and also via Video on Demand. It can be viewed on iOS, Android, Sprint, and even Kindle Fire. You can catch almost any Anime series here as it has a huge library to choose from. The content is available for viewers of UK, Ireland, Latin America, Turkey, Middle Easy, and many other places.

For More Anime Streaming Websites,

Bottom Line

Out of the plenty of websites providing Anime shows to watch for free to its fans, we brought up to you the best of those websites which are free and legal as well. You can even have a premium membership in most of them to enjoy paid services else enjoy Anime watching for free. Don’t wait and download one of them to watch your popular Anime Series!

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