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People who love to watch the broadcast of various sports like football, cricket, tennis etc. are no longer to watch the airing due to the clash of the airing times with their transit times or job times. Although one catch the highlights of the sporting event in a later phase, the charms of a live broadcast are at a higher level. Hence there are certain sites that tend to ease this tension up by providing live streaming of various sports events parallel to the official broadcasting that can be availed on the go through smartphones or laptops.

The online streaming of your favorite games could save much of those boring minutes of yours that you spend traveling or sitting idle at the job desk. Just turn on the data connection and enjoy those priceless moments of joy while supporting your favorite team. This sports streaming feature has brought a revolution in the lives of the fans who used to miss the official broadcast of the games they follow due to prior engagements.

Platforms To Watch Live Sports Event Online

Certain sites that take this live streaming of games and sports to a whole new level are:

1. Watch Espn

ESPN is quite a known channel for the broadcasting of sports and often stays in the top position in the context. With a world-class user interface, this site provides the best quality streaming of all the US sports only. The schedules of matches and games are displayed on the website that often comes handy for enthusiasts. The plus points of this site are the provision to prevent anonymous ads that pop up on the screen. The site is also available in form of an app on Android and iOs platforms that can be used for streaming purposes.

2. Star Sports

This site is a charm for all those die-hard and crazy Indian cricket fans. This site offers free live streaming of all the cricket games along with the much hyped and awaited Indian Premier League every year. Almost all cricket matches in all standard formats can be streamed live on this site. This site is quite easy to use and can be accessed from all handheld devices as well with compatible versions of the same site.

3. Hotstar

Quite a well-known name for Indian, this site was developed by Star India Ltd. This site provides live streaming of cricket games along with all other games that are broadcasted on the Star network. With a world-class user interface, this site provides the streaming using trusted and good mirror links. The pop-up advertisements on this site are very minimal and. It is quite a destination for all the cricket lovers.

4. Fromhot

May it is Football or Hockey, or Tennis or Golf, or Cycling or Motorsports, this site can be used to stream them all. This site features the trending games stream on the very homepage itself. The live streams of many games run on the home page and can be played with a click. This site also offers more benefits like a chat widget which lets you chat with people from across the world with common sports interests as you. Watching sports with a buddy by the side. What else does one need?

5. Vip League

VIP League is the probably the best site to stream motorsports in the world. The site also provides live streaming of cricket, football, hockey, cycling, and many other games as well. This site can be personalized as per the desires of the user. The user can select the time zone and the site provides the list of all the happening games and sports in the region. This site is also available for users in a multitude of languages including Francis, Deutsch etc. Even though it is blocked in some regions including India, a VPN can always come handy.

6. Social44

It can be called as the Twitter of football lovers. This site provides the best streaming of all the football games in the best possible quality. A simple sign up and you can follow your favorite club as well as your favorite football star and watch some of the dream moments associated. This site also provides news updates relating to football. Users can also watch the recent goal clips of the continuing match just moments after they happen. Click and enjoy! Users can also select their fantasy playing squad on the site and even opine on various taken for the teams they follow.

7. Laola.TV

This site offers live streaming of many minor games as well along with the much-hyped ones. Ice hockey, Table Tennis, Volleyball matches can be easily streamed on this site without any hassle. The homepage of the site displays all the running matches along with the schedules for the upcoming ones. Users can also check out the video sections for some spectacular moments captured in the camera.

8. Justfirstrow Sports

This site provides multiple links for streaming of a particular match. This is useful when the servers are busy due to heavy viewership. Football, Tennis, Basketball and MotoGP events can be streamed live on this site. The ads that appear are very less and those that appear can be easily dismissed.


The site has a clean interface, which helps in easier navigation on the site. Almost all football, Rugby, basketball and baseball matches can be live streamed on this site with much ease. Being the responsive website for all sports streaming, this has been much in demand nowadays.

10. RedStream

This site is one of the best-emerging sites that provide the live streaming of American Football, Basketball, Football, Baseball, Tennis etc. This site outsources the live streaming links from other streaming sites for better quality viewing.


The above list features some of the best sites to get watch the live broadcast of your favorite games and teams much easier on the go. Apart from these there are a lot of sites available for streaming of sports but may possess harm for your smartphone or PC. Use any of the above links to enjoy sporting events of your choice at any time with a single click.